Back systems

Back systems
28. May 2020

Back systems

Free Form is suitable for citizens of all ages. So a user sitting in a seat width 26 in a wheelchair can use the same parts in a seat width 56. (needs to be expanded with several cells)

Free Form is a unique product that can follow users both in age and in a progressive disorder.

Free Form can be customized with built-in side supports symmetrical and asymmetrical.

User with more severe scoliosis, kyphosis and weight fluctuations usually require a specialist to adjust the system. And may in some cases require the manufacture of a special cover.

All those in need of a molded or specially adapted back. Can advantageously use a Free Form back as it can be continuously adjusted and adjusted to the needs of the citizen.

FFB01 Size 1 cm inch
Fits Wheelchair Width 46-51 18-20
Back Width (Flat) 73 29
Back Height (Flat) 47 18.5
FFB02 Size 2 cm inch
Fits Wheelchair Width 41-46 16-18
Back Width (Flat) 67 26.5
Back Height (Flat) 42 16.5
FFB03 Size 3 cm inch
Fits Wheelchair Width 36-41 14-16
Back Width (Flat) 55 21.5
Back Height (Flat) 37 14.5